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Mellow September












Now, call me an old-fashioned girlie if you will, but I love this time of year... When I can snuggle in on the sofa under a crochet blanket with a mug of tea and a good book or film. Sundays are my prime time for this - after lunch, feeling very full. It is just so comforting and relaxing.

The more I continue with the work that I am doing now, the more I realise that relaxation isn't always easy to find. My gorgeous clients often come to me when they are just unable to ignore the tension in their bodies and together we work on it. And this is why my prices are as they are - for me it is much more important that people are able to experience regular massage and treatments than as a one-off splurge. I love a good splurge, trust me, and it can be a wonderful thing. For a holistic practitioner, treating the whole person through a range of different options is much more essential to my lovely clients - it's through the regular treatments that they have that their symptoms are eased. 

And when it comes to this time of year, when snuggling is so important, it's nice to know that in a little corner of the world there is a warm place with warm hands and a warmer heart that you can go to feel precious.

Brightest blessings


My thoughts are very much with people around the world going through frightening situations over which they have no control whatsoever and I hope that things let up very soon for those who are in such terrible straits. Love, hugs and the brightest of blessings to one and all xx


Treating your feet


I have just realised how long it has been since we had a chat! This is what life does when the sun shines and everybody is busy *smiles*

I've had two people come to me for reflexology this week, both very different but equally lovely. The first has had lots of treatments and loves it because she knows how it feels so good afterwards. My second client had never had reflexology before and was a little apprehensive. At the end of the treatment she did not want to put her shoes back on because her feet felt wonderful. That's what I love about my job - people leave feeling really content, relaxed and refreshed. It's a real privilege.

Reflexology is one of those treatments; the ones that people don't think they'll enjoy because they are worried about the state of their feet or they're ticklish. Neither of these is an issue for the person giving the treatment. 

Let's look at how you feel about your feet - they are not picture perfect, they smell by the end of the day, you haven't cut your toenails, there's a lot of dry skin... When we look at your feet we are not looking at those aspects. The only one of these that we will note is the dry skin because this can indicate where the imbalances are in your system as a whole. When people describe reflexology as reading the feet, they are not far off the mark.

The pressure during reflexology is not light and feathery - it's firm and definite. One of my friends is extremely ticklish but she loves to have reflexology because it is so relaxing.

The treatment has been around in different forms for hundreds of years - Chinese, Indian and Hopi culture all used variants before the modern development of the beginning of the twentieth century. 

The body is divided into ten zones and these are reflected in the feet and it's these that are worked in reflexology. Simple!

Cheery smiles,


Holistic Daisy is alive...

Well, the website that is! Thanks to my wonderful friend Dave Barrett at Nine Circles Design I have a gorgeous website for everyone to visit and say hello!

As some of you may know, I live in the middle of Suffolk with my beautiful family, a daft cat, some dafter chickens and a couple of tanks of fish. The family is two teenagers and my long-suffering husband - they shall be referred to as The Boy, The Girl and LSH for speed! The cat is Elwood - he's a bit daft, he is bound to come up at some point in future meanderings. The chickens have their own personalities - the most notable is Veronica Biggins; again, more about her in the future.

So, welcome to the Holistic Daisy website! Thanks for dropping by while I introduce myself. I decided last year that I wanted to do something else with my life so embarked on a huge learning curve... I was always interested in massage and the power of touch and had dipped into Indian Head massage and Reiki whilst I was bringing up my children and found them fascinating. A plan formed - I would take a year an retrain as a Holistic Therapist. I am now qualified in Massage, Facials, Reiki, Reflexology and Indian Head Massage. I come to you for your treatment - at home, at work, at events - or you can come to me on a Wednesday and Friday at Creative Nails in St Johns Street, Bury St Edmunds.


Five little things to make me smile

Good morning my lovelies,

I hope this finds you well. I'm enjoying the sunshine here in Bury on a busy market day. So today I thought I'd do a little smiley list to share.


* The sun is out and people are smiling 

* The rose bush in my garden is full of a second flush of flowers 

* I'm meeting friends in my lunch hour 

* We're having a picnic...

* ... in the Abbey Gardens - one of my favourite places

So, just a little list of things that are making me smile today.

Hugs, love and blessings to everyone 



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