Bringing holistic therapy to you in the comfort of your own home.


This traditional massage works towards the heart and stimulates the lymph to get rid of any toxins that may have built up. It can be relaxing or uplifting - either way the effects last a good while and you are sure to sleep soundly... This luxurious treatment lasts up to an hour and can be targeted to the areas that you would like. The seated back massage is used in the workplace at your desk to release the tension in your neck and shoulders. 


Back and shoulders – 30 minutes

Facial, neck and shoulders – 30 minutes

Full body – 60 minutes

Full body with facial – 75 minutes

Massages from £30 - call 07818 430 618 for more info...


Relaxing in the extreme and one of my favourite treatments. Oil is applied to the head and shoulders and a proscribed series of movements and marma pressure points gently release tension. The movements are repeated several times to help your relaxation without focussing too much on particular areas.

Indian Head Massage – 30 minutes - £30


This treatment concentrates on the feet or hands and is very relaxing. It works on the basis that the body is reflected in the feet and particular points link to particular organs making this a gentle yet effective treatment. It is often linked with other treatments and has been recommended by doctors to assist with certain conditions.

Reflexology – 60 minutes - £40


If you've never tried it... A very gentle and simple form of treatment that comes from Japan. Whilst you are wrapped in a blanket, the practitioner moves their hands through a series of movements to release the flow of energy in the body. Can be hands on or hands off.

Reiki – 30-45 minutes - £25


A wonderfully relaxing treatment that concentrates on the face, neck and shoulders and using natural products to enhance your skin. A deep cleansing, a masque, and a massage are all part of this treatment which will leave you feeling proud of your skin. Your skin type is checked as part of this treatment and the products used are those that are best for you.

Facial - 60 minutes - £30


The Hopi tribe of North America first used this to ease congestion and the blocked feeling that you often get with a cold. It is a great way to help ease out toxins that have built up. A candle is placed in one ear and then the other and the whole treatment is finished with a light facial massage to ease the congestion.

Hopi Ear Candling – 45 minutes - £28

About Holistic Daisy

Daisy Ship is committed to bringing you relaxing, holistic treatments wherever you need them.  She works with you to find the best treatment for you and the results that you hope for.  The products she uses are natural, of the highest quality and from small suppliers who care as much as she does.