Swedish Massage
A traditional massage that most people would recognize. The different strokes stimulate the circulation and lymphatic system enabling the release of toxins.
Indian Head Massage
An ancient massage that works on the head and shoulders using marma pressure points to relieve tension.
This treatment concentrates on the feet or hands and is very relaxing. The body is reflected in the feet and particular points link to particular organs making this a gentle yet effective treatment.
A very gentle, Japanese treatment that is non-specific where the practitioner moves their hands according to a set pattern whilst the client is relaxing on the couch. Can be hands on or off.
Using natural products and focussing on the upper torso, this treatment leaves your skin feeling amazing.
Hopi Ear Candling
Ear candles are burnt in either ear before a soothing massage is carried out on the face to ease congestion.

Treatments for Families and in Workplaces

Making time for yourself can be difficult, with the treatment taking place in your own home there is no need to arrange childcare to coordinate with appointments. Whenever is best for you is when the appointment is. If you and your partner would both appreciate a massage, then there is a small discount as no travelling costs are involved between you.

Well-being is being recognized as more important than ever by most companies today. Treatments can take place in a spare office or even at the desk as no special equipment is needed.

* Teachers on Professional Development days
* Office workers who are at screens and telephones all day
* People with manual jobs
* All of the above can be accommodated, with reduced rates applying for groups

Everyone likes to have a little bit of 'me time' and this can be easier to find when you are out and about. If you are organising an event and would like me to come along, just drop me a line.

About Holistic Daisy

Daisy Ship is committed to bringing you relaxing, holistic treatments wherever you need them.  She works with you to find the best treatment for you and the results that you hope for.  The products she uses are natural, of the highest quality and from small suppliers who care as much as she does.