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Now, call me an old-fashioned girlie if you will, but I love this time of year... When I can snuggle in on the sofa under a crochet blanket with a mug of tea and a good book or film. Sundays are my prime time for this - after lunch, feeling very full. It is just so comforting and relaxing.

The more I continue with the work that I am doing now, the more I realise that relaxation isn't always easy to find. My gorgeous clients often come to me when they are just unable to ignore the tension in their bodies and together we work on it. And this is why my prices are as they are - for me it is much more important that people are able to experience regular massage and treatments than as a one-off splurge. I love a good splurge, trust me, and it can be a wonderful thing. For a holistic practitioner, treating the whole person through a range of different options is much more essential to my lovely clients - it's through the regular treatments that they have that their symptoms are eased. 

And when it comes to this time of year, when snuggling is so important, it's nice to know that in a little corner of the world there is a warm place with warm hands and a warmer heart that you can go to feel precious.


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