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This time of year races away with all of us - from finding the perfect gift for Great Aunt Maud to hiding the sherry from the chief cook* on Christmas morning. Finding a balance can be difficult with all of the adverts designed to make everyone feel that shopping leads to the perfect season...

People everywhere are striving to make sure that everyone is happy, and that is amazing. So how do we make our own little bit of happiness? One way is by setting aside some me-time and not feeling guilty about it. This time can be very short or, if you're feeling really wild, a whole day! The most important thing is to do something that makes you stop, breathe and head off with renewed energy. It may be that a walk with friends ending with coffee and cake in a gorgeous cafe will be your treat of choice or an evening down the pub. It's not important what you do, it's really important that you do it. Unsurprisingly a real treat for me is a massage of some kind - neck and shoulders, hand reflexology, Indian Head massage - I am really not fussy! The deep sense of relaxation from any treatment lasts so much longer than the treatment itself; I learn to breathe again and can face the world in pursuit of that one perfect gift.

Talking of gifts, perhaps Great Aunt Maud would like a facial? And a gift voucher is so easy to wrap!

Cheery smiles,


*I'm the one they hide the sherry from, just in case you were wondering.




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