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The importance of touch


Good morning,

I hope this finds you well, rested and feeling ready for anything. We've had half-term for my son, a breather in the midst of exam season so that he's ready to go back and get through the other half of his papers. I hope that all of you going through this have been able to forget for even the shortest time the pressure and to enjoy moments.


I've been thinking a lot about touch recently and how it has to work both ways. This came about because one of my clients asked why I love doing what I do, it didn't take me long to reel off my stock answer - no marking, no paperwork, no Ofsted - but then I started to think about it. When you are touched it releases a raft of 'happy hormones', those that reassure you, make you feel safe, make you feel valued, and it reminds you that you are a real person within a community of others.  The wonderful thing is that you cannot touch without also being touched; it's a two-way process so all of the benefits that I pass on when giving a treatment also come back to be in some way. Isn't that just wonderful?

People respond to touch very differently - what for one person is hardly any touch at all is way too much for another and that's why therapists will always ask you if the pressure is okay. The treatments also work in different ways - Indian Head Massage is a very light touch but it is the repetition that calms and eases; reiki is just touch (and I still don't understand how it can work!) but it can work in the same way as other treatments for the total relaxation. Swedish massage and deep tissue massage work on a different level but it is still a caring touch and offers the same sense of well-being as any other treatment. The most amazing thing though, is that I get back what I give; as I'm treating you, I'm also receiving those messages that tell me I am safe and valued. That's why I love my job.

So today, make sure you touch someone in a good way - a handshake, a pat on the back, a hug - let yourselves know that you are valued.

Hugs and blessings,




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