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How are you? 

I've been at a bit of a crossroads recently, if I'm honest. Things have happened that have made me stop and re-evaluate where I am heading and why I feel in such a rush to get there. I did something wrong, not dangerous, but it led to other people being affected - people that I care for deeply. So I stepped away from something that I enjoyed and took time out. 

During this time out I have taken a few tentative steps into assessing myself and my goals, what I want my priorities to be and why it is important. At the same time, I have been trying to discover my limiting beliefs - the things that I put in my way to stop me getting where I want to. To say that this couple of weeks have been transformative is an under-statement!

What I've discovered is that my inner voice tells me that I'm not worthy of success: I can't work hard enough; I've never been any good at this sort of thing; I don't deserve it. All of this is, of course, rubbish - but I still listen(ed) to that voice. I'm trying to ignore it and give it a reality check; it's difficult to ignore a voice that you've been using for nearly fifty years. 

I've also discovered that by accepting that this might be untrue, I can move forward freely. 

What I have started to do is recognise what I do have and be grateful for that - just recognising this abundance means that I can move away from the negative feedback loop that I was in. I am starting to love who I am and appreciate the gifts that I have been given in this life - it's hard and it's somewhat scary at times and yet it feels right. I feel lighter and more at ease than I have in a long time, the disconnect is lessening between my dreams and my reality. 

So what now? 

I'm taking each day as it comes, looking after my family and myself more. I'm also taking a leap of faith and going full-time in my holistic therapy. This means that there are more appointments available for those who have busy timetables and yet still need to have that little nook of relaxation, including me...

Love, hugs and brightest of blessings,



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